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Rover Low

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We here at Boonies believe comfort is not just a word but a principle that should be built into everything we do here. When we started Boonies the idea was to create a pair of gumboots that was not only practical but also very comfortable after many years of research sampling and working we released the very first boonies gumboots into the New Zealand market this was now 10 years ago since then we have adapted this philosophy and taken it through all our products we have released, be it a comfortable pair of gumboots or a comfortable pair of thongs the same principle runs through this, comfort. We understand that to make your life just that little bit better, be it working on a farm or on your feet all day in an orchard how important it is to have comfortable footwear to help you with your day. Here at boonies we refer to our boots as comfy as so we say boonies the comfort is built in with your boonies gumboots you will find this to be the case we have been told by numerous customers and we hear it a lot just how comfortable our boots are if you’re looking for one of the most comfortable gumboots in New Zealand then you’ve come to the right place as we say boonies are comfy as.