Check FAQ if you need help

Check FAQ if you need help

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Got a question about Boonies, chances are it's been asked before.
Why Boonies?

Good question, Boonies will be one of the most comfortable pair of boots you will ever own. We have worked hard to make boots that we know you will love.

How long will they last?

This is a bit like how long is a bit of string. There are a so many factors when it comes to how long they will last. Your body mass, how you walk, what type of work you do, are they left in the sun, this is just a few but they all play into how long a pair of boots last. Also note puppies love Boonies so this can sometime affect how long they will last.

Here is a link for boot Boonies Boot care.


So what is your warranty?

We back our boots 100% – We offer a 6 month from purchase warranty. In accordance with your legal rights we will repair, replace or refund any goods that are found to be defective in quality or are found to be faulty with in this time.

This warranty does not cover material failure caused by excessive wear, or unreasonable use. Material wearing down or cuts and rips.

.Remember to care for your boots.

Care for your Boots: To get the best out of your boots try to follow a few simple steps. UV is the killer of rubber so if you are not using them try to keep them out of the sun.

Clean with water and if you are able to use a rubber protectant please do. We recommend a silicone spray.

Also do not leave next to your dog they love a good rubber boot to chew on……

What are they made of and where?

We use only top quality renewable rubber and top quality neoprene. We then send it to our factory in China and produce to a very high standard. We spend a lot of time in the factory and know we make a quality product. The factory is ISO 9001 certified. We are super lucky to be in one of the best rubber boot factories in the world and this is what helps makes Boonies so good.

If I order a pair and they are the wrong size, can I return them?

100% you can.

Be sure to try your new boots on, on a carpeted surface. This way the soles will not get dirty or damaged and you will then be able to return them if they are not the correct size.

Please note, too send back please keep boots in the box, use wrapping paper around the box. Please don’t damage the box.

We also offer full refunds if you are not happy.

Where can I buy Boonies?
We are stocked by around 150 accounts around New Zealand now, so please refer to our stockist list.
What does Boonies mean?
In the Dictionary it means ‘Informal, isolated rough or remote country’. We like to think it’s KIWI for comfort.
Are they water proof?

Yes all Boonies boots are 100% water proof, the neoprene is flexible and water proof. Think of the neoprene like a dry divers suit. The best part is it is flexible.

Do you offer half sizes?
No we do not so best option is to size one up.
Who are Boonies?

We are a family owned company based in Mt Maunganui. We set up in the bay of plenty for the lifestyle and location to the port and services.

How long have Boonies been going?
We started Boonies in 2009.
How do I know my size?

Please refer to our size chart and if not sure size up one. We find our boots to be on the smaller side. Please also note on the wed site we use UK sizes, we do have US and Euro sizes on the chart please cross check a few sets of your own shoes to see what size you are, if unsure then please use the MM to check as this will give you the best fit. If still unsure please call us to help you out.

Are Boonies Hot in summer?
Our boots are warm and designed for comfortable warm feet. We have a range of boots that have less lining and are suitable for the hotter months.
How long will my order take?
We send out most days so if you are in a main centre overnight. We allow 3 days to the Mainland (South Island) and add an extra 2 days for RD.

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