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How long should my gumboots last?

This is a great question there are many answers and it’s a bit like how long is a piece of string, there’s quite a few things that come into play when talking about how long a pair of boots will last, body mass, how you walk just a few. With your gumboots like your shoes you’ll notice certain spots wear out sooner than other a lot of this is down to the shape of your feet and how you walk. A good example is the tires on your car if you are driving a car with your tyres out of alignment you will notice tires will wear sooner and in different places this too is a lot like your gumboots and how they wear. Body mass is another factor ,if you are slim in build you will probably find you get more life out of your gumboots if you are a light heavier then you will find you will where your gumboots out sooner. Boonies gumboots are designed with comfort in mind so it’s a tradeoff between durability weight and comfort. Ff we were to make a boot that had five layers of rubber indestructible soles and an upper that doesn’t flex I’m sure we would not sell many. My philosophy when designing a boot is to have a boot that fits well firm and snug it’s lightweight very comfortable and durable. Over the years we have changed our designs to reflect this where there’s a wear spot we have tried to rectify it.  As I said there are many factories into how long a pair of boots should last. Another factor we have found is UV. UV is very strong and if you leave your boots out in the sun this will cause the rubber which is a natural product to dry and then crack a good option is to keep your boots out of the sun when not in use we also recommend cleaning your boots with hot soapy water and then we’re able to use a rubber protectant war some silicon spray this will help keep the rubber supple and hopefully make your boots last longer any more information please visit our frequently ask questions and if you need anymore help please contact us here at Boonies.