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Natural rubber versus PVC

A lot of typical gum boots are made out of PVC or Rubber

Natural rubber tends to be more flexible and more comfortable to wear than PVC that’s why that is a natural choice for Boonies. Rubber is also very durable specifically if it has undergone a hardening treatment called vulcanization this is where heat and pressure added to the rubber to form one membrane. Most PVC boots are commonly used for protective gear which will include steel toe boots and food processing boots. Rubber is a natural material that is slightly heavier and more durable than PVC, Rubber  it is more flexible and more comfortable. It is worth noting that PVC is a synthetic material. We have chosen rubber for our boonies gumboots because it comes from a renewable resource, the harvesting of rubber doesn’t harm trees but actually helps the trees to flourish. We use a high rubber content and have vigorous quality control measures in place to ensure the rubber we use is a  high quality.