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Grey Boonies Thong
top 10 flip flops grey thongs Boonies Jandals

Comfy Thongs | Jandals | Grey | Webber Strap


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Boonies Comfy As Thongs

Indulge Your Feet with Comfort After a Long Day in Boots!

Just like our boots, comfort is at the core of these sandals. Crafted using modern construction techniques and meticulous material selection, these thongs redefine comfort. You won’t ever consider purchasing another type of jandal or thong again!

Ideal for:

– Strolling along the beach
– Exploring the town
– Fishing from the wharf or boat
– All-day, everyday wear!

Also offered in Tan

We’ve streamlined our sizing process: for women’s sizes, simply choose a size two units smaller than the equivalent UK men’s size.

For instance, if you wear a Women’s size 7 UK, opt for a Men’s 5 UK.


– Molded EVA footbed
– Durable EVA outsole
– Crafted with grey webber strap
– Cushioned heel pad
– Generous width for a comfortable fit

Fun Fact:A “jandel” is a term commonly used in New Zealand and parts of Australia to refer to a type of footwear that is also known as a “flip-flop” or “thong” in other parts of the world. It’s a casual sandal typically consisting of a flat sole held onto the foot by a Y-shaped strap that passes between the big toe and the second toe. The term “jandel” is specific to the New Zealand and Australian English dialects and is not widely used in other English-speaking regions.

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