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UV Protector

Gear Aid’s Revivex UV Protectant | Boot Care


Sunlight can really damage your boots. The sun’s UV rays can cause fading, cracking, and deterioration of rubber and other materials.

That’s why you need Gear Aid Revivex UV Protectant. This powerful formula shields your boots from harmful UV rays, preventing damage and restoring their original look by replacing lost plasticizers and brightening colors.

Gear Aid Revivex UV Protectant works like high-tech sunscreen for your boots. Apply it to protect and rejuvenate your outdoor gear, from rubber boots to patio furniture. This non-toxic spray helps prevent cracking, fading, and extends the life of your gear.

Gear Aid Revivex UV Protectant Features:
– UV blockers protect from sun damage and color fading
– Conditions and seals plastic, vinyl, rubber, nylon, and more
– Prevents rubber from drying or cracking
– Replaces lost plasticizers and enhances color
– Non-toxic, eco-friendly formula
– Size: 118ml (4oz)


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