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New Zealand’s best Gumboots

New Zealand’s best Gumboots

Rosie Low | Ankle Boots | Black


Womens Sizing
Womens Sizing

 Rosie Low Boots

Discover the perfect blend of practicality and style with our top-selling Boonies Rosie Low Boots, now available in Forest Green. These comfortable and lightweight ankle boots are designed to keep you warm and dry, offering the convenience of a slip-on shoe with the protection of a gumboot.


– Gardening
– Walking the dog
– Working in orchards
– Wearing around town

The ankle height of the Rosie Low Boots is designed for convenience, ease, and subtlety, making them the ideal midway point between a gumboot and a shoe. These versatile boots will quickly become your go-to footwear for a variety of activities.


– **3mm Lining for Warmth**:  Enjoy cozy feet with the warm lining that keeps the chill out.
– **100% Waterproof**:  Stay dry in all conditions with the fully waterproof design.
– **Slip-On Design**:  Easily slip them on and off for quick transitions between activities.
– **Lightweight**:  Move comfortably and effortlessly, thanks to the lightweight construction.
– **Comfy As**:  Experience all-day comfort with the soft, cushioned feel.

With Boonies Rosie Low Boots, you’ll have the practicality of a gumboot combined with the look and feel of a stylish shoe. Perfect for any casual outing or outdoor work, these boots are a must-have addition to your footwear collection.

Note on Fit: We do note most people size one bigger in this style. Wider fitting foot bed, firm over the top of you foot. If you have a high instep, please size up one bigger. If you’re a half size in your shoes, please size one bigger. Check your MM on the size chart above to get a better fit; if you are near the top off the MM then please size one bigger and allow for socks. Note the MM is the internal size of the boots. We suggest going 6mm below the internal measurement. Note the boots have a thick inner sole so if you need more room remove this and wear for a while then reinsurt it.

Note Pre orders open for delivery in August, we have more sizes in the green if you want them now.




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