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Boot Remover | Boot Jack


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Introducing the Boonies Boot Remover – Your Easy Boot Jack Solution!

Say goodbye to boot removal struggles with our innovative Boonies Boot Remover. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this lightweight tool ensures you never have to resort to doorframes or decks again!

Using our boot jack is a breeze. Just place the flat base on the ground and insert your boot’s heel into the open arms. Then, with a gentle press of your other foot on the back of the base, watch as the front of your boot is lifted, releasing your foot effortlessly. No more tugging or tussling!

Benefits of the Boonies Boot Remover:
– Lightweight and compact design for on-the-go convenience.
– Say farewell to scratched or stained boots, thanks to the rubber grip.
– Universally fits all types of boots and shoes for versatile use.
– Built tough.
– Bid farewell to unnecessary wear and tear on your footwear and hands.

Life’s little struggles just got a whole lot easier with the Boonies Boot Remover. Get yours today and experience the ultimate boot removal convenience!


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