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We want to make sure you get the right fit.

Get you fit just right

Size guide video at the bottom of this page.

Stand on a measuring tape with your heal against a wall and take the MM at the longest point That’s it. Easy. Now check you MM with the size chart.

If you fall between the to MM numbers its your size, if you are at the top end or the same as the largest number then we would suggest you size up one size. If you are not sure please call us to help with sizes.

This is for the inside measurement of the boots

Boonies sizes are UK.
Our design is contoured to the foot for ultra-comfort. Beginning with a roomy toe box, the last is wider through the forefoot, supportive in the arch, and narrows in the heel. This combination accommodates a greater range of widths and lengths, superseding the need for half sizes and widths.

If you are a ½ size, we recommend that you move up to the next full size to allow proper air flow.

Don’t forget – THICK SOCKS! – If you are going to be wearing thick socks with your Boonies it might be a good idea to move up a size if you are borderline with your foot measure size.

If you order and they do not fit just send them back for the next size and we will change the size free of charge.

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